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Last Christmas
I gave you my heart
But the very next day you gave it away.
This year
To save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special.

Once bitten and twice shy
I keep my distance
But you still catch my eye.
Tell me, baby,
Do you recognize me?
It's been a year,
It doesn't surprise me
(Merry Christmas)

I wrapped it up and sent it
With a note saying, I love you,
I meant it
Now I know what a fool I've been.
But if you kissed me now
I know you'd fool me again.

87 thoughts on “Wham! – Last Christmas”

  1. A singer that was famed for a Christmas song, dies on Christmas day. What
    are the odds of that…

    1. +Alfred F. Jones I know, I was saying the year 2016 lots of legends died .

    1. believing in god is for the weak. for those who can’t cope with reality and
      need a “reason” for everything, good and bad. those who never learned to
      deal with life in a healthy way – or those who are constantly reminded that
      they can’t change their surroundings and life circumstances (like living in
      war or extreme poverty).

      that doesn’t change the fact though, that any God, as invented by humans,
      is not existent. now dont get me wrong. i am not saying that there is no
      higher being AT ALL.
      i am just saying that religions as invented by some uneducated savages
      thousands of years ago are mere fairytales.

      some have good messages (buddhism, christianity), some have bad messages
      (one religion, to be precise – Islam).
      still, we can just take those good messages, implant them in our life and
      forget that silly “there is a man in the sky”-thing.

      come on, guys, it is 2016. grow up.

    2. Chrisko1492 That’s sounds pretty ignorant to me, but I’m Catholic, so what
      do I know?

    3. +Chrisko1492 well you’re right, except that buddhists don’t believe in a
      man in the sky, or in anything else 😀

  2. He’s gone. it’s so sad I can’t still believe it. Goodbye George! …my
    beautiful memories forever on my heart…We’ll miss you so much. Thank you
    for the music ‘Last Christmas’ forever…❤ Rest in peace George

    1. It seems to be said that it is discrimination if you say Merry Christmas in
      It is a silly theory at all.
      I am a Japanese living in Japan, but it is normal to bless “Merry
      By the way I am a Buddhist, and about 99% of Japanese are Buddhists.

  3. Well last Christmas he gave us his heart

    This Christmas he gave god his life

    1. Well that sounds very nice, but George wasn’t a religious person who saw
      organized religion for the relic that it is.

    2. Everyone in the comments saying “oh, he’s going to hell because he’s gay”
      or “there’s no God” Please stfu. People can believe what they want to
      believe. I’m actually an atheist for example, but people can believe what
      they want. it’s their life, not yours, so see yourself out of their
      business. and those who say because he likes men, he can’t go to heaven,
      have you ever stopped to think how fucking ludicrous that sounds? I’ll put
      it bluntly. Just because he likes people of the same sex, he can’t make it
      to heaven? That’s fucking stupid. I choose to stay away from Christianity
      because some people genuinely think that and it’s ridiculous. Regardless of
      all of that, R.I.P George Michael. Wherever you may be, I hope you’ve found

  4. Lets get this song a 1 000 000 000 view. Lets do it for George Michael #RIP

    1. yesterday to today has had 12 million views, it’s top trending on YouTube

    2. Couldn’t think of a more appropriate tribute than yours Marin. Come on
      YouTubers. Let’s do it for Marin but most especially for Michael. RIP
      George :’-(

    3. +Isabel Beckerman it is going to be hard, but with people like you i think
      we can make it 😉

  5. when someone dies,he gets more attention,he is being treated like a king
    ,when he is alive,no one really notice him.

    1. fuerimmerallein Considering he was huge 1983-1996 I think most his fans is
      around 25-50

  6. In the mid 80s George Michael was as big as MJ, Prince, and Madonna. RIP
    George Michael it was your last Christmas.

    1. Madonna had a more worldly influence than Janet. Janet had the hits,
      there’s no doubting that. But Madonna not only attracted young girls and
      guys, but gays as well. Where Janet faltered a bit after The Velvet Rope,
      Madonna had the R&B classic Bedtime Stories, and continued to make hit
      albums until the late 00s.

    2. Jackson, the guy who made music. The other guy sold tennis shoes. I heard
      he played basketball as well ;).

    3. +Mier Garz MJ was hyper popular until the mid 1990’s, but after that it was
      mostly because of his older hits. Madonna was able to stay in the top
      charts even in the last few years. Hung Up was one of her biggest hit ever,
      in the late 2000’s. And I don’t think she’s done yet.
      (but Madonna never sold an album as much as MJ or Celine Dion did, but
      it’s one thing to have one major selling album and another to keep being up
      in the singles charts).

  7. It’s amazing how it’s only in death people really start to appreciate
    individuals. He was a great songwriter and philanthropist. RIP

    1. I am not sure that’s completely true. After all, George Michael had this
      song playing every Christmas in so many songs. How many people could claim
      to have had a Christmas song playing for so many years? So many singers
      came up with Christmas songs, but this is the most famous one from the last
      part of the 20th century. With 100 million albums sold, I’m sure he was
      appreciated. I definitely did. Listened to music here-and-there over the

    2. Him being an addict did it harm in any away? but certainly he was a great
      artist millions of people enjoy his music and are saddened by his loss. One
      of the last greatest!!! RIP

    3. George Michael wasn’t the last to go because two days after that Carrie
      Fisher died AKA the actress for Princess Leia in Star Wars

  8. Little bit hypocrite, after his dead he’s getting more attention. 7.500.000
    million views in 1 day. R.I.P George!

    1. +EXO&SNSD TRASH Yess. If you want, can you take a look on my channel? I’m a
      musician to. Sub 4 sub? Love!

    2. Or because it’s an iconic Christmas song and people come back to it every

    1. MrZaccpeti yeah…and this is his most famous song ..he died right on the
      day the song was reffered to…damn the f*cking irony

  9. seriously I can’t take it that this was your last christmas..there are so
    many christmas songs but this is the best to me..what a voice you had.. RIP

    1. Such a talent I’m doing my own personal marathon. Father Figure is his best
      song IMHO

  10. Carrie Fisher has just died of heart attack as well. RIP George Michael and
    Carrie Fisher.

    1. thetalentedmrman just goes to show you, take nothing for granted. live each
      days as if its the last..tomorrow’s not promised!!!!!!

  11. 2016 just won’t fucking stop! I just came to announce we just lost Carrie

  12. it was the “last Christmas” for our George…damn irony

    1. So true. The irony is sad, but it will always remain a beautiful holiday
      song. I and my friends were shocked to the core by the news of his
      death. A true talent of our generation.

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