Wham! – Club Tropicana

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Let me take you to the place
Where membership's a smiling face,
Brush shoulders with the stars.
Where strangers take you by the hand,
And welcome you to wonderland –
From beneath their panamas…

Club Tropicana, drinks are free,
Fun and sunshine – there's enough for everyone.
All that's missing is the sea,
But don't worry, you can suntan!

Castaways and Lovers meet,
Then kiss in Tropicana's heat,
Watch the waves break on the bay.
Soft white sands, a blue lagoon,
Cocktail time, a summer's tune,
A whole night's holiday!

69 thoughts on “Wham! – Club Tropicana”

  1. when u realise that this is might be only vid to see george micheal in the

    1. +April Gosa yeah but his is just plain offensive. Im not gay but i respect
      them and what they want to become, but saying “BUT IF YOU GO TO A GAY SAUNA
      YOU MIGHT SEE HIM HAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHA”. Its not right or funny as referred
      to his hahaha.

    2. I agree with you i said what i said cuz i thought you were making fun of
      George I told that guy off too or got down on his childish level

    3. George bothers nobody he hurts nobody most men are just pissed that when he
      did date woman he had more than they probably have LOL and he can still get
      anybody he wants cuz he is a sweet guy anybody would be lucky to have him
      in their lives man or female

  2. My mom gets literally pissed at me sometimes because she says I look like a
    young George Michael and she was so upset when she found out he was gay
    because she was in love with him hahaha. I guess it’s not bad to look
    similar to him though he could have had any girl he wanted! I’m not gay but
    I know a good looking guy when I see one and damn he has it! Or (had) at
    least. :D

    1. God will deal with you, If u dont believe that u got another thing coming.
      sad. ol smh

  3. This year needs to end quick. Never seen soo many legends leave us omg.

    1. Erren Chetty I agree we lost big names too Bowie, george, prince to name a

    1. So very true..my heart is breaking and yet I feel so much joy hearing this

    1. I like the blonde girl’s thighs and the black girl’s infectious smile:)

  4. Super cool guy always seemed fairly kind . One of the best voices I’ve ever
    heard as well.

    1. Absolutely agree. Truly the greatest male pop star along with Michael
      Jackson. Love his music 🙁

    2. +Riaad Hoosain I’d say him and Michael Jackson . Michael will always be my
      number one but goodness nobody sings like George Michael either .

    1. Unfortunately, 2016 is just the start. The next ten years are going to
      really suck as our icons are really starting to just pass on.

    1. He identified himself as “the singing Greek” all the time. Look on his
      Twitter and Facebook.

  5. David Bowie,Prince,Pete Burns now george michael life sucks😢💔

    1. and also the guitarist Rick Pariff; from Status Quo a few days ago passed

  6. It’s hard to believe unless you were there, but George Micheal was as big
    as The Beatles and Elvis in 1987

    1. I was 20 years old in 1987 and he was a huge musical inspiration to me with
      his Faith album.

  7. I just came here to masturbate to the late George Michael.

    I am a straight man.


    1. There’s only one “dik head” in this thread and it begins with y and ends in

  8. When I was 17 years old in Tunbridge Wells in the summer of 1983 and posing
    as a New Romantic this was the image to live up to. RIP

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